Benya, formerly known as Fiber Misr (FM), was founded in 2017 in Cairo, Egypt, with the vision to become an industry disruptor, revolutionizing the region’s ICT infrastructure. The name Benya (pronounced Behn-yah), means infrastructure in Arabic, and relays the company’s core line of business being the development, enhancement and optimization of ICT infrastructure. Benya is a hybrid company with holding company properties and oversight of its subsidiaries, as well as its own independent operation, the company has undergone the reorganization of its structure and rebranding in January of 2020.

In the three years since its inception, and two years of operation, Benya has become the leading ICT infrastructure company and the trusted partner amongst the most reputable of vendors and clients (both public and private) in Egypt. In addition to its proven track record in the awarding and completion of key nation-wide strategic mega projects totaling an excess of $1B USD, Benya prides itself in its solid reputation for quality and efficient end-to-end ICT infrastructure and related services.

Benya has two core competencies, namely, the contracting arm responsible for the deployment and fully optimized system integration and automation in both passive and active ICT infrastructure projects, as well as the investment arm which focuses on a design, build (or acquire) and operate business model. Through its own operation and oversight of Benya’s numerous and growing list of subsidiaries, Benya continues to position itself as the partner of choice encompassing businesses in all ICT industry verticals.

Benya chooses Egypt as its anchor market, due to its strategic geographic location, history, demographics and to support the Egyptian Governments 2030 Vision mandating a strong commitment to the advancement of the ICT industry. Benya believes Africa is the land of opportunities, and has formulated a solid expansion strategy to replicate its national success throughout the whole of the Middle East and Africa, positioning itself to become the regional leading ICT Infrastructure Group for all countries with a mandate to pursue the digital transformation of key industries.


Benya Cables (BCA)

The first mega Fiber Optics cables manufacturing facility in Africa and the Middle East, in conjunction with global leading manufacturer of fiber optic cables, Corning. BCA aims to begin with the production of 60,000km/ 4 million fibers to bridge the supply gap in the region and reduce the cost of cables. A supplementary partnership with Arab Organization for Industrialization and Suez Canal Economic Zone has also been established, with the location strategically selected to ease servicing both national and international demands. The factory is expected to be in operation by Q3 of FY2021 for a total investment of 1B EGP. 




Benya Raqmeya

Benya Raqmeya is full-fledged “One-Stop-Shop” marketplace that provides small and medium enterprises with all business requirements. The initiative represents the next generation and evolutionary development of cloud enabled solutions, which contributes to the country’s vision of enabling the development of a strong digital economy relying on equitable and affordable access to knowledge.

“Benya Raqmeya” offers its customers with the necessary infrastructure to connect efficiently and securely to the cloud through a set of solutions. The platform gives enterprises the freedom of choosing between the best cloud services that meet their business need while ensuring cost optimization, avoiding vendor lock-in, providing flexible data storage options, and addresses the enterprises lack of expertise and management overhead experience.

Fiber Misr Systems (FMS)

Founded in 2004 and formerly known as Equinox Egypt, this company was part of an inorganic acquisition in 2018, of a leading regional system integrator, Equinox International. FMS specializes in the active component of system integration and is currently engaged in several high-profile projects with public and private sector clients.

Fiber Misr Engineering (FME)

FME is specialized in the passive component of system integration, namely, electro-mechanical and civil contractor works with a focus on the execution and delivery of projects in the fields of electromechanical and light current technologies.

Ahmed Mekky

Chairman and CEO of Benya

Ahmed Mekky is the Chairman and CEO of Benya. With more than 20 years of senior level experience in the telecommunications and technology sectors, Mekky has significantly contributed to the advancement of the industry in Egypt and the region. His exceptional vision, dedication and accomplishments have earned him recognition as a thought leader in the telecommunication and technology industry.