Benya Holding strategically targeting national projects and investments in Africa


Egypt has been spearheading digital transformation in Africa for the past couple of years through innovative projects and initiatives. Fiber Misr, a subsidiary of Benya Holding, has been contributing to the country’s digital transformation leadership since its establishment three years ago. Telecom Review spoke to Ahmed Mekky, chairman, Benya Holding, who highlighted the role played by the company and its subsidiaries, namely Fiber Misr, in Egypt and the region.

Fiber Misr is driving digital transformation with the innovative solutions it provides. Mekky describes it as ‘the ICT infrastructure market disruptor’ given the impact it is making both regionally and internationally.
In the interview, Mekky shed light on Egypt’s digital transformation journey and how the ICT scene has changed. He stressed that digital transformation is no longer optional but has become a need, which is why Egypt chose to unleash its potential and embrace the new era.

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